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Smart Light for a Smart Kid

Flipi offers high-quality lighting for kids rooms.
It comes with unlimited
design possibilities.

Always in style


The exchangeable front panels transform the appearance of the lamp in seconds. You can choose from a wide variety of designs or provide your own.

Fits any space


Modern, functionalist design works with all kinds of interiors. The light has a depth of only 10 cm, which makes it suitable for rooms with very low ceilings.


High light quality


Latest-generation LEDs ensure that objects retain their natural colours and provide even lighting of the whole room with high power and efficiency.

Easy to control


The remote makes it easy to adjust the intensity for any time and activity – Flipi can act as a strong studying/working light or a soft bedroom lamp.


It just works


Flipi is made from high-quality, time-proof materials that will last for years to come. The integrated dimmer does not require special cabling or switches.

Selection of our designs

Technical specifications

Standard Colour temperature:

2 700K

Also available on special order:

3 000 k

4 000 k

Colour rendering


CRI >80

Luminous flux:


2 000 lm

Luminous flux:


72W full LED

6 000 k

Integrated dimmer with remote control

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